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You probably know by now that I launched a cohort-based course, Mind Like Water ft. Notion, which will begin on August 9th and run all the way until September 3rd.

I have 25 spots open for the first cohort, of which 18 are filled. If you’d like to be one among the rest 7, email me and I’ll send you a discount code you can use to enroll!

Now, even if you’re not enrolling for my course, you might wonder: what goes on behind-the-scenes of creating a course from scratch? What does her planning workflow look like? And, what does “mind like water” really mean? 🤔

I’ll be answering the above, and more questions, tomorrow in an interview workshop with David Cespedes, founder of The Notion Coach, creator of the Manifest OS, and lead technology instructor at the SEED School of Miami.

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Funnily enough, I met David back in March after he commented on my Facebook post looking for collaborators to work with me “on a course to help people bring order into their chaotic life using Notion.” (that’s how I phrased it!). Even though we never collaborated on my course, we kept in touch every few weeks as we went our own creative ways.

I’m excited to share some key insights in this interview workshop tomorrow and would love to have you there. Until then, take care. 👋🏼

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